One of the hidden dangers of the typical American diet is how high it is in sugar. If you look at labels, there’s added sugar in almost everything, and that’s not to mention natural sugars and carbohydrates that break down into glucose.

Ontario Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at five things you can do—as part of your daily routine—to reduce your sugar intake.

  1. Use Fruit as a Natural Sweetener

Instead of adding a spoonful of sugar to cereal or buying flavored oatmeal or yogurt, use fresh or frozen fruit for natural sweetness and added nutrients.

  1. Limit Your Beverage Selection

Instead of drinking sugary sodas or heavily sweetened coffee drinks, stick with lots of water, black coffee, and unsweetened tea. For many, making just this change alone can knock off several hundred calories per day and greatly reduce sugar intake.

  1. Have Fruit for Dessert

It’s okay to have a sweet treat every now and then, but if you need something sweet for dessert on a nightly basis, switch to fruit to curb that craving.

  1. Limit Certain Condiments

BBQ sauce is loaded with sugar, and ketchup isn’t much better. There are “no sugar added” varieties of these sauces available at stores, but most restaurants won’t carry them. For a healthier alternative, use salsa, mustard, or hot sauce.

  1. Use Naturally Sweet Alternatives When Baking

If you’re one who enjoys making cookies, cakes, and pies, you can either reduce the amount of sugar you use or switch out sugar or something naturally sweet, such as unsweetened apple sauce, stevia, honey, or agave.


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